Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing refers to a set of marketing activities carried out using smart devices. You can market your brand using a variety of methods, depending on the capabilities of mobile phones, such as QR codes, Bluetooth, MMS, sending ID, virtual pages, SMS marketing, and so on. The first mobile phone marketing campaign. It all started with SMS campaigns run by well-known companies like Nike, and since then, with the introduction of Android and IOS operating systems to smart phones and the development of various applications, the topic of mobile marketing has become one of the top priorities for both large and small : 30 App Promotion IdeasThe significance of mobile marketing stems from the fact that today’s world of humanity is not possible without mobile phones, and in terms of the speed and universality of this platform, all companies pay special attention to this sector; even Google designs many of its programs in such a way that it checks the degree of compatibility with mobile phones.

Because mobile phones are widely available, they are an excellent choice for various companies’ and brands’ marketing strategies. Audiences can easily communicate with you, and as a result, they can contact your application and website at any time of day or night. In fact, all intermediaries are removed and a strong communication bridge is built.

Many businesses nowadays are only interested in having a website, but they should keep in mind that their dedicated application allows them to communicate with you and buy from you at any time. After a while, she realized that you have a statistical community of loyal customers, which aids in the formation of a cohesive customer club.

According to 2017 surveys, 52% of users’ novel presence on smartphones was for applications.

In addition, each person uses 9 applications per day and 30 applications per month on average. And, interestingly, 80% of mobile app users interact with it at least 15 times per day.



One of the most important topics in the discussion of mobile marketing is the concept of UI (User Interface design) and UX (User Experience design). The term UI refers to the external design of the site and application, whereas UX refers to the experience that the audience has as a result of the external features of your site and application. It is an emotional, practical, effective, and valuable human-machine interaction experience. The interaction between man and machine is referred to as user interface (UI). As a result, in UX, attention is paid to the mutual feeling that occurs between man and machine, whereas in UI, attention is paid to the way in which man and machine operate. The entire product is UX, and each component is UI.

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