30 App Promotion Ideas

30 App Promotion Ideas

Are you one of the companies that has developed a mobile application and is ready to share it with the rest of the world? Congratulations.

However, until you market your app to your target audience,

You’ll become lost in a sea of other applications.

In this article, we’ll go over 30 of the best ways to promote your app. This list is not in any particular order, so pick the ideas that speak to you the most and are the best marketing strategy for your company. Begin with a few, or even just one, methods and see what works best for you:


1. Create your own landing page.

Provide a brief introduction to your program, no more than one sentence. Take a cue from Tinder, which is currently one of the best examples available. https://tinder.com


2. Create a blog.

Upload topics that are central to your service on a regular basis to establish yourself as an expert and to create download value for your audience to download your content.


3. Make use of social media.

Make an informed decision. Many people believe that simply copying and pasting the link is sufficient. You must captivate your audience by making your appeal clickable and shareable. Also, be imaginative with your introduction text.


4. Include a teaser.

Create a teaser for the landing page and send it to your audience in various ways before launching the application. Sending can be accomplished through WhatsApp, the SMS panel, or email.


5- First, make a video introduction for your application.

Creating a video for your app should be done only if you have defined the concept of your app, are focused, and are confident that you will win. Producing a video for an application that has not been released in a long time does not have an economic justification. Application for exclusive sales


6. Blogs https://pitch.tech/

While you may believe you have launched the most amazing app, the audience may not be impressed. Do not despair, prepare a list of your audience, send them an email or SMS and show them how much your application is useful with an attractive text.


7. Request a review of your application.

There are numerous app review sites in addition to the major tech blogs. In the following article, we will discuss websites that review applications.


8. Make use of content discovery tools.

There are blogs that can help you find content related to your business and use it on your website or blog to increase traffic.


9. Hold an online discussion.

Leave a non-promotional but valuable comment if you read news and articles on websites or other social pages. You demonstrate your level of expertise to the audience of that website or Instagram page in this manner.


10. Make and distribute interesting infographics.

Create an infographic with a tool like Visualize.me and then share it with authors, bloggers, or on social media.


11. Consider including a bonus for the app.

Give prizes to your app’s users on various occasions and encourage the audience to participate in the contest with various tricks such as introducing the app to their friends. Create unique prizes and distribute them to those who share your app, post, or do other things.


12. Only converse with one user at a time.

This is extremely important. Initially, your primary goal should be to keep the user rather than to acquire the user. If you can form a small group of users who provide valuable feedback that helps you get closer to your app goals, and listening to your audience keeps them loyal, you’ve already overcome your most difficult challenge. In general, regardless of stage, look for a direct conversation with a user. Inquire about them and listen to their criticisms. There is no better marketing than word of mouth.


13. Make an offer to assist your audience.

Everything you do should be more than just a single download button. Find users who are having a problem and offer assistance, advice, and be a little hero – it will be downloaded later as a result of your comments!


14. Clearly state what audience needs your application will address.

Create a statement that will help you identify your target customers. In fact, your application is first promoted to your intended audience.


15. Making a podcast.

Using a podcast, discuss the problem your app solves (note: the issue, not the solution).


16. Create a forum.

Facebook (for online groups) and Meetup.com are two good places to start. Surround yourself with people who share your interests.


17. Put in a lot of effort into your ASO (App Store Optimization) strategy.

You can improve the visibility of your app store icon, title, description, and page photos by optimizing them.


18. Publicize all of your communication channels.

In your email, include links to your website, app, blog, and social media channels. Use voicemail to inform anyone who calls about what you’re working on.


19. Become a public speaker.

Participate in public speaking events such as conferences, roundtables, and lectures. Always focus on the problem rather than the solution.


20. Hold a competition.

Tell your audience to complete a specific task and hold a social media contest with special hashtags to promote your progress. Winners should be recognized publicly.


Create a YouTube or Vimeo video channel.

Make sure to produce and upload interesting content on a regular basis, such as “best of” compilations, app updates, industry news, and user surveys. To get the most exposure on social media, always use unique and descriptive hashtags.


22. Publicize.

Set aside advertising space on well-known websites and promote your work.


23. Try guerrilla marketing offline.

Remember that these campaigns are most effective in areas where your target customer is concentrated.


24. Experiment with AdWords as well.

Determine the keywords related to your business model and set aside time every day to set up your campaigns so that you can choose effective keywords for the desired campaign in your plans if necessary.


25. Connect with your communication circle.

Inform your friends, family, colleagues, and classmates of your plans. Occasional updates will suffice to keep them informed about your application and encourage them to share it with their friends.


26. Provide a discount.

Try to offer your products at a lower price on special days and inform your users via push notifications or email newsletters.


27. Increase our number of followers.

Prepare a newsletter, collect their email addresses or WhatsApp numbers, and send it to as many people as you can. You will be pleased that your audience is expanding and that your updates will reach thousands rather than tens of people. Please send someone!


28. Respect your critics.

Retaining a customer is 80% less expensive than acquiring a new one. Concentrate on these negative reviews and reach out to users to assist them in resolving the issue they are experiencing with your app.


29. Include a hyperlink on your business card.

Add a shortcode or a scannable code to your business card to make it easier for people to download your app.


30. Locate a business partner.

Can you collaborate with another app? So go for it! Cross-promote each other and demonstrate that you are all looking for a great partnership rather than new users.


This article will continue…

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