Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and other social networks have given rise to the influencer industry. Perhaps influencer marketing is new, but in the world, it is recognized as an industry, with various agencies and websites, such as: Up Influence, Hype Editor, Influencer DB, and others check their influence potential by having different websites and platforms, creating trust between brands and different businesses and influencers, and processing their statistics and information, so that companies can easily and quickly choose the influencer they want and communicate with it. In fact, these agencies manage and control relationship management, influencer campaign management, third-party analysis, influencer content enhancement, etc. They are actually a kind of market police for influencers.
It is more difficult for brands and business owners in Iran because there are almost no such agencies. Building an organized and professional relationship with influencers is one of the most basic challenges they face. According to the most recent YouTube 2020 research, almost all industries used influencer marketing, and the information and results obtained indicate that all leading brands used influencer marketing agencies. According to this study, over 4449 brands have participated in YouTube influencer campaigns. 2020 due to the Corona virus and unforeseen events that have resulted in various consequences for brands and companies. In the midst of these difficulties, many opportunities for virtual pages and influencer marketing arose.
Many influencers are trying to internationalize their activities. An intriguing point is that many European countries allow influencers with a monthly income of $2,000 to $5,000 to apply for immigration and obtain a visa for the country in question.
Many brands and companies want to sell their products all over the world and internationalize their business. The best way is to use international influencers and to sell their products in any region, use the influencer of that region or country, and they can avoid additional advertising costs with this completely efficient method.
If you want to categorize influencers, consider the following: There are famous people (actors, athletes, singers, and so on), Weiners (comedians and comedians), and Balgers. You should pay attention to this point when selecting a suitable influencer: each of the influencers has a personality, or rather, they have displayed a personality of themselves in the Internet world. As a result, if your brand personality is a creator, you should avoid selecting an influencer with a funny personality. In fact, these choices create conflict in the minds of the audience and have a negative long-term effect. Most brands and business owners nowadays use influencers to advertise. In fact, choosing an influencer suitable for your brand is very important.
The first step in becoming a successful influencer is deciding which field or fields you want to work in. Define your objectives. To have a larger community of target audience, the values you specify for yourself enter into content production and building a relationship with your audience. The next step is to select the network or networks in which you want to participate. Make a cohesive and purposeful plan for content creation and proceed in accordance with the social network you’ve chosen. Build trust with your audience and remember that they are smarter than you think. Show maximum respect in your interactions with your audience so that you can become popular as well as famous. Don’t try to accept advertising by spending money because the audience may trust you once, but over time, they will be discouraged from choosing you and will find it difficult to trust you.

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