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The Sika Group, registered as Sika Smart Processing, was founded in 2016 by shareholders who broke away from large software companies with 20 years of experience, with the goal of carrying out business intelligence projects.

It was founded in order to carry out software projects using cutting-edge technologies in order to make organizations smarter and to provide services to organizations looking to transition from the traditional to the digital world. .

With the establishment of Sika Business Company in 1399, this complex became Sika Holding. Sika Business Company was founded by providing innovative products in the field of business intelligence, particularly the launch of electronic business (E-Businesses), and intends to provide unique products and services by leveraging the power of its experts who are among the elites in this field, as well as collaboration with partner companies that share common thoughts and goals in the direction of using the world’s technologies, in order to create a different and unique package for its customers.